This page is under development!
This is the product and process of me trying to get a grasp of Irish pronounciation and
makes no claims about correctness or completeness.

To the contrary, the main purpose of these pages is to invite people to comment ...
tell me how wrong I am and where!

I try to put together a phonetic description of the sounds in Irish. I've not found such a
thing, just people trying to give approximations to Irish sounds by way of English
examples. That's not smth. I feel very comfortable with and it's just the way I'm wired
for me to need to feel comfortable with articulating words before worrying about what
they mean .... so that's what this is all about.
(If smth. like what I'm working towards is available someplace where I didn't look,
or perhaps in print .... PLEASE let me know!)

For now, there's just vowels and wav-files I collected from various sources on the net
with which people tried to illustrate the sounds. What I feel most uncertain about is
the length of parts of diphtongs .... but any comments are welcome, this is just what
I thought I was hearing.

Will start to work on consonants next.

To view these pages correctly, you'll need the IPA TT-Font and Microsoft IE (sorry
about that dependancy ... will perhaps change that if I ever get this finished and it
turns out this is of value to other people as well)

Thanks for your help,