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Last modified: August 6th 2001

"The Jarre was decorated in a dated, nameless style from the previous century, an uneasy blend of Japanese traditional and pale Milanese plastics, but everything seemed to wear a subtle film, as though the bad nerves of a million customers had somehow attacked the mirrors and the once glossy plastics, leaving each surface fogged with something that could never be wiped away." (Gibson, Neuromancer, 1984)

Charly's All-night Café is back on-line again.

Welcome to this place of comfortable relaxation!

Your landlord is happy to serve whatever meets your desires from his array of spectacular specialities. The drinks offered cover the entire range from the hard-boiled Vodka-Kirin-Submarine to smooth and smokey Single-Malt, or "coctails surprise" with whatever the bartender gets a hold of.

So again, welcome, and be sure to check back regularly.

Yes, this page has been around before. Most of you won't realize, but perhaps some of you (just maybe) have even known the previous incarnation of Charly's All-night Café.

I can't help feeling somewhat nostalgic. Quite a number of things have changed since then and some can be noticed from this site. Some of the former content has gone, some other content is here, some of the content gone will be back here in due time. Do I have to say that this means parts of this site are still under heavy contruction? Stay tuned.

  The Menu ... Take Your Pick.

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